All You Need to Know About a Unicorn Marketer

From the fantasyland of magic, come these creatures called unicorns that possess powers to make things happen. Such is the effect of a unicorn marketer. From marketing campaigns to reaching audiences and gaining traffic, they can help you gain leaps and bounds of growth. And if you are looking to brush up your skills and become one, then here are some qualities you can incorporate. With this aptitude, you can soon become one of the best digital marketing agencies in India.


Qualities of a Unicorn Marketer



Logic and reasoning are important aspects of analysis. This quality refers to the understanding of what is working and what is not. This skill keeps you in tune with the trend and saves your energy, time and money from going to waste.


Being analytical helps in problem solving and utilizing your resources efficiently for best results.



Establishing a connection with the audience is quite important. A great storyteller can mesmerize the listeners and readers, connect with them, increase the influence on them as well as be memorable.


This is certainly useful in the current market where competition is high and brands are fighting for attention.



Marketing is a people’s skill. So it is essential to understand the emotions of your customers, stay up to date on the happenings and work on establishing long term relationships with clients. The work requires a lot of sincerity and passion to succeed and then continue to grow.


One has to constantly keep at it! You lose touch, you lose clients.



You cannot do it all. And to delegate you need to identify and utilize your resources efficiently. Finding quick solutions to problems, getting required data, manpower, skilled team, reliable vendors, affordable materials etc. – all these require a marketer to be resourceful.


Accomplishing work within deadlines and budget is a huge responsibility and you have to be great at it.



Audience interests and requirements keep changing with time. Brands that don’t adapt, run out of business. Yesterday it was Snap chat, today it is Instagram Stories or TikTok. A business has to be present where their audience is.


It is also essential to take into account research and analysis to suggest upgrade or updates to the product/service itself.



Set the goals and be result oriented. Once the objective is clear, then prioritizing tasks and setting things in action is easier. Trying a lot of different things with lack of clarity can severely affect the results.


Goals help one stay motivated and energetic, while providing a good direction for effort.



Many agencies get into a rut, produce monotonous designs and lack the enthusiasm to think differently. Making that mistake can cost you dearly.

Marketing is a very creative and passion driven field and faces a lot of competition. Striving harder for success is a given.

One such digital marketing company in India is KreativeLion. Their young minds, detailed experience, out-of-the-box designs and constant perseverance is a good example of what you can achieve if you are driven.

Open minded & Humble

If you are a marketer, prepare to get criticized every step of the way. From clients to management, there will be a lot of feedback and rejections. But all that is like a sandpaper for a stone. It polishes your skills.


Being open minded and humble helps you grow and learn more.


Audience oriented

Customer is king. Your efforts are meant to hit the target and that is possible when your audience is on your mind while designing campaigns, graphics, advertisements, content or websites.


So understand your audience and connect with them.


SEO minded

Lastly, knowledge and application of SEO accelerates your efforts. SEO helps increase visibility, reach, traffic and insights. Business ROI gets a good boost when your campaigns, posts and content is SEO optimized. So, use it to your advantage.


Having above traits and focusing on their enhancement is great for a marketing career. They can be quite helpful in achieving goals and aspirations, as well as sailing through different economies.


If you are looking for giving your business a boost, then surely look for the best digital marketing company in India that can use some of their unicorn skills on your marketing campaigns.


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