Branding vs Marketing – Differences and Similarities

One of the most common misconceptions about branding is confusing it with marketing. In fact even the best branding companies in India make that mistake sometimes. While marketing is about spreading the word about what you do and how, branding is more about the underlying message that you send across. Marketing includes various tools such as social media, SEO, PPC and traditional modes of advertising, while branding is communicating the short term expression as well as the long term value/personality of the business.


Top SEO guru and influencer Neil Patel says ‘Where marketing ends, branding begins.” Here are some similarities and differences to help you understand better.


Common Points

  • Aimed at Consumer’s Attention:
    While marketing is a great way to get the customer’s attention and reach an audience, branding is effective in keeping that attention and ensuring customer loyalty.
  • Visuals and Content:
    Both tell your story to your base. Appropriate images and attractive content make way for an ideal representation of your brand and achieving the insights you need.
  • Target audience:
    Whether you are marketing or branding, the section of customers you keep in mind are the same. All your efforts are meant to reach them, connect with them and influence them.


  • Branding affects the team as much as it affects the consumers. Marketing is sales oriented and targeted only at consumers.
  • Marketing is a time to time thing. Short term strategies based on trends are preferred. Branding is a continuous long-term process.
  • Branding helps people believe in your brand and choose it over others. Marketing gets your brand in front of the audience.
  • Any creative agency in India will use the best marketing strategies to make your business known to people. Whereas to maintain a connection and memory, branding comes into play. It will give your business recognition.
  • Marketing drives sales. That is essential for the success of any business. Branding is not the go-to solution for sales. It will influence the consumer sentiment but marketing will make all the effort to convince for purchase.
  • Business owners should select their brand values carefully. Once the customers start setting the tone for the brand, it can be taken the wrong way. Branding is thus an influence that the business moves to create and the customer continues to define.
  • Marketing comprises of various tools and it is a multi-faceted approach. Social media marketing, website development, search engine optimization and emailers are all essential tools for it.


Let’s not forget, launching a website or telling your story on social media is branding!


  • Marketing conveys the purpose and advantages of the product or service. Alternatively, branding presents the feel associated with the product or service.
  • Branding creates value for your business while marketing helps boost and promote this value, reaching your customers where they are. So while marketing focuses on sales, branding focuses on reputation building.
  • Branding targets the emotional quotient of your audience whereas marketing addresses them.

So, What Comes First? Marketing or Branding.

Most of us think that since marketing is responsible for sales, it comes first. But it is setting up the brand tone, message, values and mission that comes first. In other words, branding.


So ask yourself these questions:


  • What should my brand voice be like?
  • Do I want the tone to be casual or formal? Do I want the business to be approachable or exclusive?
  • What should my identity reflect? Will I be able to stay true to it?

Let Our Branding Agency in Vadodara Handle it For You.

Neither branding nor marketing is a one-time thing. It is a continuous process and requires detailed attention, professional knowledge of tools and a creative imagination. Businesses usually cannot devote the time and energy required for this on a daily basis.


This is where our creative digital marketing and branding agency comes steps in. KreativeLion is a team of dedicated workers and extraordinary thinkers. With our specialties in design and tech, we can add immense value to your brand and give your sales a power boost. From logo/stationery/brochure design to marketing campaigns, we do it all under one roof!


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