How to Choose the Best Graphic Design Company for your Brand?

Whenever you think of an image for your business, you should think of graphic design. It is not just a service you opt for to get your visiting cards or logo designed. It transcends those prior requirements to a demanding necessity in this digital age, where online presence speaks volumes about a brand. So, when you are choosing a graphic design company, you are choosing how your social media, website, stationery or even hoardings will appear to your customers.


Start with the Basics

Asking yourself 3 simple questions can nudge you in the right direction of the graphic design company in India that is best for you.


– Your Purpose
– Your Budget
– Your Timeline


Your answers will immediately help you create a shortlist of the companies that will be able to fulfill the requirements in the first place. If you are looking for brochure design services, logo designing, leaflet/flyer design, social media posts or emailers – all you need to do is type these words in the search engine and you will find some options to choose from. Based on your budget and time frame, you can go ahead with the graphic design services of a company that fits the deal.


Check out the Portfolio

With a number of agencies competing for your attention, it is always a good idea to look at their past work and clientele. That speaks volumes about what you can expect. It can also help you understand whether the agency can deliver the quality of designs or style of imaging that you are looking for.


Meet and Greet!

If you can meet up the company executive in person or via a video call, it will help you understand their professionalism and passion about the project as well us whether they can realize your vision. Compatibility quotient and trust level between client and company should be high for generating stunning work!

Even if you are outsourcing work to another country, set up an online meeting or even a telephonic discussion rather than just email communication to share your expectations and help the designer get an excellent idea about the undertaking.


Understand What You’re Looking for

It is not like you have to sit with a paper and pen to draw out what you want. But a lot of times when we have some idea about what we are looking for, it helps the graphic design company to produce quality results in the stipulated timeframe. It helps you get what you want or even something better.


Companies providing graphic design services in India usually provide a work sample in their proposal for a small fee, to give you a glimpse of what they can design for you.


Up to Date and Off Beat

Today brands want to keep up with the latest trends to increase their reach and visibility. Similarly, better graphic design tools and software have replaced the old, outdated ones to generate very high quality graphics, animation, colours and fonts.


So, choosing a graphic design company that thinks out of the box, is updated with trends and is trained to use the latest illustrators and design tools will work in your favour.


Take a Small Step First

Test the waters before diving in! Give a small project/assignment at first. In case things don’t go as you wanted them to, you will save time, energy and money.

The results of the smaller project will give you a good insight – Whether you are impressed with the look and feel, their attention to detail, how they take criticism, if they are able to make adjustments when you suggest any.


Terms, Policies and Confidentiality

Getting an overall satisfaction with the company’s work, professionalism and qualifications, the next step is to decide upon the terms of agreement. It is essential to note the company’s policies and work ethic while doing so to avoid legal hassles later on.


Another binding factor is confidentiality. The agency should not disclose critical information about your company to another. The conversation should also be clear about preventing issues like design similarities with competitors.


A huge plus is associating with an agency that provides digital marketing services as well, then they can truly understand the impact of their designs and you save time by communicating with a single source only.


KreativeLion, a graphic design company in Vadodara is one such ground breaking, creative and professional agency in India. Connect with us!


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