The Branding Guide for an Ecommerce Company

It is a common mistake to confuse branding with marketing or equating it with logo design. Yes, logo design is an important part of it, but branding is a strategic process. And for ecommerce companies, it is an entire experience curated with the customer in mind.


There was a time when businesses paid little attention to branding and kept marketing their product/service with all the resources they could manage. But today, the importance of branding has been realized.


Branding is key to stay relevant in the competitive market, build trust and loyalty, make connections, promote awareness, target the right audience and shape to customer expectations.

So, I am sharing my 10 essential ways of branding for an ecommerce company to help you become one of the best branding companies in India. Start with clear goals and move ahead with creative strategies. You can surely, stand out from the crowd!


Know your Audience

Obviously, you want to attract a large clientele. But start with identifying your core audience. Why do you think brands like Nike, Chanel and Apple are a success? Apple began targeting a section of the audience before becoming more inclusive by offering phones like iPhone SE in an affordable category.


Remember you have to create a hype and an allure can be best created when targeted right. Know whom you are talking to and create content, colours, tone and visuals accordingly.


List your demographics, find out what your audience likes/dislikes/desires, personalize your branding and create an experience that is relatable. That is the first step in making your start-up, a success!


Convey your Mission Clearly

What do you believe in? What is it that drives passion for your company?


If you want your audience to connect with you and remember you the next time they think of buying a product/service you sell, this tip is gold.
The mission statement of Amazon says – “To continually raise the bar of customer experience through internet and technology. It is not only concise, but also perfectly describes what they do.


Identify your Brand USPs

I don’t recommend waking up after the sun shines. Rather have you listened to birds singing before you see the light of the day?


Why wait for your audience to find out what’s best about your brand? Instead make a note of everything you have to offer, what’s different about you, what sets you apart and what value you provide. For instance, if you sell shoes, are they lightweight? Durable? Weather-proof? Made from sustainable material?


Make all this a part of your brand communication.


Do you offer free shipping? Fast delivery? Discounts to returning customers? Even USPs like post sales customer service when highlighted, go a long way.


Serve your Customers like Royalty

Don’t compromise with customer service. It plays a big role in building loyalty and saving you from a ton of bad reviews in the market. It is the digital age, and you cannot hide anything.


People will notice if you care, how you respond and how quick you are at taking action. Have a dedicated team to handle grievances or outsource it when you expand.


Share Your Story

Always know that people want to know! Build on the intrigue and cash in the curiosity. There are companies today like ‘Your Story’ dedicated to talking about brand stories and successes.


Sharing your story helps your audience become a part of it. Emotional quotient of the brand says how you are more than just products or service.
Body Shop displays its entire heritage from the first shop to its recent world bio-bridges mission in a picturesque manner on the website.


Hire a professional creative agency in India and make sure you don’t just tell your story, but you tell it right!


Don’t miss out on Email Marketing

Popping up in your customer’s inbox regularly and with captivating subject lines generates interest. Most brands are using email marketing today and are seeing great conversions.

More than 20 million ecommerce companies are taking advantage of email marketing.

  • Share your offers,
  • Give a nudge to those who filled their cart but didn’t proceed,
  • Give a shout out to regular customers
  • Send reminders
  • Send birthday and anniversary wishes
  • Personalized emails work best

Have a Content Strategy

Write convincing content. It is your brand’s voice and is vital for SEO purposes.

A good content strategy is 62% more effective in generating leads than traditional marketing methods. It also helps to retain customers, promotes awareness and engagement.

Remember every line on your website or social media is a communication with your customers.


Have an Attractive Logo & Catchy Tagline

If you are wondering why, I have placed this as point 8, is because most of you already know you need one. So, let me tell you something new!

  • Complex logos are outdated. Simplicity is class.
  • Shorter, more effective taglines that are quick to convey your business objective are better.
  • Don’t bother designing your own logo. There is an entire career field dedicated to it. So, convey your vision to one of the best branding companies in India and see the results!


Be Social

Social media presence is a must. An estimate says by 2025, a record 4.4 billion people will be using social media. So, why shy away?

It is an excellent medium to voice your brand, speak on trending issues or issues that matter, drive engagement and traffic, redirect customers to your website, generate leads and yes, connect, connect and connect!

Just make sure, what you show or say is in line with the brand’s tone and mission.


Transparent Policies

One of the reasons why Amazon makes it so easy for customers to purchase from them is its honest and easy return policy.

Ecommerce companies like MyntraFlipkart etc. also have clearly defined return, shipping and refund policies. If you are shady in this regard, you will only turn customers away. Make sure your customers know they can trust you.


So, what are your views on my strategies? Do share them in the comments. I will sign off with a winning tip for your ecommerce business – check out KreativeLion, a branding agency in Vadodara. The company is making leaps with innovative designs, SEO and branding strategies.

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