The Ultimate Guide to Writing an SEO friendly Blog Post

Writing a blog post or article is a long process of topic selection, research, structuring and writing itself. The content has to be interesting and provide value to readers to increase the chances of them sharing with others. After all this effort, one naturally looks forward to reap the fruits. However, to gain views and engagement, the blog should rank on Google which is possible when your articles are written following the rules of SEO.

So acquaint yourself with these basic steps that any SEO company in India would follow for getting the best traffic and visibility.


Do Keyword Research

Dominate the search engine by using keywords appropriately in your article. Learn about focus keywords, meta keywords and long tail keywords.

Focus keywords are what the audience searches for and they give you the topics you should write about. Don’t stuff your article with keywords, as that will make it unattractive to both the readers and Google. You can even use synonyms of the focus keyword.


Think about the Purpose

Having a good idea about what you want to write about makes it easier to translate in words. The writer’s confusion reflects in the blog post. So, think carefully about the message you wish to put out there and the facts you want to convey.

Understand intent based search, write down the questions you think the user might have on your topic and design your content in a way to provide those answers. One of best SEO companies in India quotes, “just like an article is focused around a user’s requirements, it also aims to target an action towards the end – so identify what you want the reader to do and give them a nudge.”


Structure it

A basic flow is: introduction, body and conclusion. Write down in short, the points you want to include and arrange them in the best order to help clarify the message you want to give.

A good structure makes a blog post more readable. Readers are likely to skip reading further if there are no divisions or the content is too messy. That would lead to an increase in the bounce rate of your website and harm your ranking.


Make it Interesting, Not Just Technical

Always remember you are writing for humans. Add quotes, references, easy flow of content, short paragraphs, short sentences, easy to understand language and pictures in your blog post.

If you use words that are above an average reader’s vocabulary, then they will not connect or engage with your post. Again, avoid stuffing keywords. It is not like you are talking to the search engine. Use more active voice rather than passive to make your article more dynamic.


Paragraphs and Headings

Each paragraph should talk about a subject and you don’t need to start every sentence as a new paragraph. Writing about too many ideas in one paragraph will either make it too long or too jumbled for appreciation. So, make clear divisions and try for concise paragraphs.

Headings help the reader know what to expect from the following content. It also helps them scan quickly in case they are looking for something in particular. Not to forget, headings make your blog post look attractive and adding keywords in them can further enhance the SEO.


Not too long, Not too short

Optimize the length of your blog. Articles that are too long can scare the readers away, while articles that are too short (<300 words) don’t rank well. Knowing the word limit also helps you plan the structure, length of paragraphs and content division in a more efficient way.


Add internal links

If you have written articles of same category or relevant topics before, then you can give an internal link to that within the content of this blog post. It is great for your readers as well as helps to boost your ranking on Google.

Avoid too many links. They are there to assist users to navigate your site and read further on the subject.


Edit like a Tyrant

Bad grammar is a huge turn off. It takes attention away from your message and may end up meaning something else entirely! So edit carefully, change the font before reading again to spot mistakes easily or make someone else read it if required.


Lastly, choose an expert agency like KreativeLion, the best SEO Company in Vadodara for SEO services, updating your content and modifying it to suit SEO best practices. Regular posting on your website or blog helps in ranking higher.


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