Types of Logos for Effective Branding

Every business aspires for a perfect logo to build a perfect brand. Whether text or imagery or a combination of both, a logo represents the essence of a brand and connects it with the target audience.


When given the task every graphic design company looks forward to designing the best logo options that create a positive image for a business and a visual identity that brings out the values, mission and quality of the brand.


It is an unspoken, yet powerful form of communication with the audience and in many cases the first form of interaction. Since logos are displayed on your product, business cards, emails signatures, stationery, social media pages, marketing merchandise and more, the exaggerated significance given to its selection is quite justified.


In simple words, a good logo is memorable and expresses not only your purpose but also something deeper, more meaningful.


So, lets dive into the types of logos a logo design company can illustrate for you!


Emblem Logos

Think old, classic or vintage and you can imagine an emblem logo alongside. Similar to seals, crests and badges, these logos consist of symbols or font inside a geometric shape.


They render a very professional look of authority to the brand. This is the reason it is preferred by government agencies, schools, colleges and football clubs. Some examples include Harvard University, Liverpool Football Club, NFL, etc.


The feeling is quite rich, memorable and confident. Many automobile companies also contain an emblem logo such as Harley Davidson.


Emblem logos can be quite rigid and offer limited scalability when incorporating in marketing merchandise. Therefore, the simpler they are, the better.



Simple and creative at the same time, Wordmarks or Logotypes are logos which show the company name itself but in an innovative way. So, if you have a unique company name, this type of logo is perfect for you to become memorable.


This is one of the most powerful logo design types and preferred by companies like Google, Coca Cola, Netflix, Disney, Samsung, Facebook and more.


The creativity is reflected by the geometric shape around it and by the style and colour of the font used. That is what speaks about the identity of the brand. The biggest advantage of wordmarks is that the connection is almost instant.


Of course, if your company name is long, then wordmarks is not recommended. Otherwise, it would need no introduction and will create a great impact on your audience.


Pictorial Mark Logos

Pictorial mark logos are also called brandmarks or logo symbols in the graphic design companies. Twitter logo showing a bird and Apple logo are famous examples of pictorial mark logos.


It is essential to choose the logo symbol with due diligence as it represents a business at all levels and not just on marketing platforms. So, it should trigger positive emotions and depict a deeper meaning.


The success and reach of this type of logo can be determined by how easily the audience can identify the brand just by seeing the logo. It is advisable to use a wordmark along with the symbol till people acquaint themselves with your brand, and then lose the font once it gains popularity.


One such successful transformation is the Starbucks logo. It is always simpler to choose a symbol that reflects your name as well.


Some examples of pictorial mark logos are Target and Domino’s Pizza.


Lettermark Logos (Monogram Logos)

Lettermark logos, also known as Monogram logos, usually contain initials of the company name. It is a great choice for companies who have long names that they choose initials to identify with their audience.


It is an impactful and straightforward statement of identity. The Best graphic design companies make such logos with legible and eye-catching fonts that produce a visual that reflects the brand.


Famous monogram logos are CNN, HBO, BBC, LG, ABC, Fiat, etc. The Warner Brothers logo is both an emblem and lettermark logo.


New companies can put their full name in a smaller font as part of their logo, below the acronym for initial public understanding. Thereafter, the future would deliver memorable rewards.


Mascot Logos

Graphically designed human or animated character is used in a mascot logo. It is usually funny, cartoonish and may have human attributes. It has a friendly mass appeal and is easy to connect with, while also representing the feel of your brand.


Food companies, Sports teams and service providing companies prefer mascot logos. Some popular examples are KFC, Pringles, Quaker Oats, Michelin etc. Such logos are very effective in attracting attention especially in public places.


If your brand needs to send a serious, professional or formal message, then mascot logo is not the one for you. This logo is more about sending an inviting message in a fun and happy manner.


Abstract Logos

Abstract logos are created with one or more geometric shapes used in a unique and creative way. They are much more than a shape, because when designed well, they convey a deeper message about the business.


A great example is the Nike logo. It has a swoosh which denotes freedom, speed and movement. Once such logos connect with the customers, they are very easy to recognize even without the company name displayed alongside.


Pepsi, Adidas, Mastercard, Olympics are more examples of abstract logos. The simple 3 strips of Adidas represent a mountain pointing outwards to challenges one needs to overcome. Another advantage of such logos is that they are easy to adapt on merchandise.


Combination Logo Marks

Many companies prefer both image and text in their logo, thus using combination logo marks. A mascot or an abstract image can be accompanied by a monogram or a lettermark, either placed side by side or stacked over each other.


This is quite beneficial to businesses looking to carve out a clear brand message and allows for easy rebranding. After a while, companies drop the text and remain easily recognizable with just the image.


Pizza Hut, Toblerone, CVS, Burger King and Dunkin Donuts are fine examples of combination logos that are versatile and distinct.


Dynamic Marks Logos

Lastly, dynamic logos are the ones that can adapt often. They don’t confine to the limitations of standard fonts, colours or texts. They can vary on different branding materials and the use is limitless.


The company can opt for different styles for social media, traditional marketing merchandise, websites and more. Some examples are City of Melbourne, Rio 2016 (Olympics), Trialog, Holland Festival, etc.


Looking for the best logo design, check out our portfolio. The visuals are a symphony of pure talent, art and creativity.


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